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Noah is a stylist and Squarespace web designer from San Francisco. Born in Los Angeles, Noah grew up in the American South West, the Midwest, parts of Europe and throughout California. This nomadic childhood helped to shape her aesthetic vision at a young age. Inspired by cultural hybridism, diversity, history, film, and street culture, she enjoys mixing pieces from different time periods and sub cultures with relevant trends and timeless classics. Her love of art history gives her a cinematic approach her editorial styling.

Noah got her start at fash/tech company Tog+Porter while still in college and worked her way up to Marketing Director within 3 years. In 2014 she co-founded BorrowShare to enable military families living on base to share goods and services. Her hobbies include costume design, mastering historical sewing techniques, art history, film, and radically changing her hairstyle.

Noah has created content for multiple start ups, celebrities and publications such as The Bar Method, Glamour Magazine, and the San Francisco Chronicle. Noah has a BFA in fashion design from Academy of Art University. She currently lives and works in Berlin and speaks conversational German.